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WIS Sustainable/IMPACT Investing

As investors add the third dimension of impact to risk and financial return in their decision making, we expect there to be a considerable pool of capital seeking opportunities to invest in achieving measurable social impact...


We are expanding our investment options and support services to include:


Reducing our Carbon Footprint one step at a time

Reducing our carbon footprint is a continuous and worthwhile challenge. WIS is currently undergoing a major remodel of our Corporate Home Offices located in Pasadena.  We recognize that this provides us an important opportunity to balance environmental impact with design, construction and operations.

WIS has already moved to a paperless office environment, cutting down the printing and copying of documents and leveraging our operational systems:

Stay tuned here to find out more about how we plan to reduce the use of natural resources like energy and water, improve collection of recyclables, and increase our quality of life within our work environment.